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Planner Resources assists individuals and organizations in selecting hotels and venues, as well as, negotiating contracts for their meetings utilizing ten guestrooms or more each night.

We deliver high-quality research results, maximized planning efficiency, and competitive rates.
Once you provide us your meeting requirements, we identify all suitable hotels within your area of interest and request proposals from each. From this research, we create a Summary Report outlining hotel costs, availability, and your specifically requested comparison criteria. If a site visit to further evaluate hotels is desired, we arrange those logistics, including transportation, overnight accommodations, appointments and so on.
Once the hotel/venue is chosen, we request and negotiate the contract on your behalf, securing the terms needed for a successful event. When the event is over, we receive compensation based upon related guestroom revenue from the hotel, making our services entirely complimentary to you. There are no obligations and no fees.

Planner Resources is ready to assist you. Your event is our commitment!

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